Hong Kong: had told you so,as back as 2015

7 Jul

Simon Tisdall in The Guardian today:

The Hong Kong “two systems” crisis reflects a broader, global clash not of civilisations but of ideologies, crudely defined – a contest between liberal, democratic laws-based governance and authoritarian, nationalist-populist “strongman” rule. It is the defining struggle of our age. Which is why Hong Kong’s protesters deserve whole-hearted support – and Xi must not be allowed to crush them.

And me from a 2015 post with an added preface from last week:

I hope the democracy movement in Hong Kong continues to be such a thorn in China’s side that it wants to spit it out and hand it back to the UK again.  I don’t think China really understood what a virus it was taking into its system when it accepted Hong Kong.  Mark my words: Hong Kong is going to be the factor that’s going to change China forever.  It’ll be a model and example to other Chinese that it’s ok to resist; it’ll break that fear.

Watch out for this story.

3500ChineseProtesters wave anti-extradition placards during the march to West Kowloon railway station. Photograph: Tyrone Siu/Reuters

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