A reader writes: Cyclades

30 Sep

“Your evisceration of Cyclades was so effin funny i read it to my bf out loud and we were dying omg sadly accurate too.”

But… :(

A friend wrote me, in response to the same post, that MP Taverna, Michael Psilakis excellent place, across the street from Cyclades, has closed.  While Cyclades “lives and reigns” as one says in Greek.  WTF?  Go figure.  Maybe we live in a time when one Yelp idiot can ruin a man’s carefully conceived and run business.  I dunno…

(Koumbare, I’ve been away from New York for almost three years.  How am I not suffocating?)

He’s got another place in Irvington, Westchester where maybe he can make more money than offa the millenials — half of whom are vegans anyway — of Astoria.  It’s worth the trip and I stand behind my word.


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