Bonnie Greer on Ireland

4 Oct

See my other Irish posts in tags, the main issue for me in Brexit; Britain can go **** itself, if that’s what it wants.  Ireland needs to be guaranteed it’s integrity and guaranteed it will not be drawn into Englishmen’s mess — again.

And THANK YOU for calling the Good Friday Agreement a “truce”.  Because that’s all it was.  Greer doesn’t like the “benign” sound of GFA.  I think even the benign sound of “truce” is too much.  I know I light some Irish tempers when I disrespect the supposedly revolutionary gift of peace the Agreement brought to Ireland.  But I think the Good Friday Agreement was just kicking the can down the road again, just like Michael Collins did in 1921 and De Valera’s rage at Collins for the Free State and northern counties concessions he made to London at the time was wholly justified.  Whitehall needs to tell Northern Ireland and the DUP that this time there is no alternative.  We will not be dissecting Ireland again.  The majority of the Ulster counties’ population is no longer even Protestant.  They will be cut loose and will be made part of the Irish Republic and I’m sure a referendum will support that.  The DUP is a purposeless organization for a non-territory.

Time to leave what I once called England’s “oldest, closest and perhaps most ravished colony.”  Because it’s colonialism, pure and simple.


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