Greek Gypsy love

20 Oct

Just the bride decked out in red and gold is proof enough they’re from India; on top of it the mother-in-law’s name is Madhubala!  Not the most brilliant piece of journalism or video but super-cool, entertaining and, in the end, moving!  He’s 16, she’s 13, and he abducted her, so her parents then have to approve.  “Because a bride brings light into the household”, says the mother-in-law.

“When are you getting married?” asks Greek journalist

Gypsy boy: “Huh?  We’re married.”

Gypsy girl nudges her husband: “They mean when’s the wedding.”

Gypsy boy:  “Ah, we dunno yet.”

“Did you have to abduct her, couldn’t you wait?” asks journalist.

Gypsy boy: “Well, we were sleeping apart.  We wanted to sleep together.”

Don’t think it’s gypsy-like or tacky or age-inappropriate; I had aunts and uncles, from somber, grey Epiros, who got married just like that — without the fun and gold.  See Lorca’s “Blood Wedding.

Sad that they can barely speak Greek.

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