Photo: Mykonos, 1956

19 Dec


One Response to “Photo: Mykonos, 1956”

  1. Giannis December 22, 2019 at 10:03 pm #

    this society, and civilization, has nothing to do with Northern Europe, or most of Central Europe etc.. but equally has nothing to do with all of West or Southern Asia.. This civilization is the Euro-mediterranean civilization, the civilization of Southern Europe.. It has nothing to do with Germany, but equally nothing to do with Iraq.. but this picture could be from anywhere in South Italy or Sicily of 1956, or even many parts of Spain.. That’s what I was talking about when I said all these things I said a few months back dude.. That’s why I strongly disagree with specific views of this blog.. Because if there is any world where Greece belongs to, this would be either Southern Europe (especially Southern mainland and the islands) or Balkans (especially Northern Greece, but saying balkans, I associate the region with eastern Europe, to be honest). And there’s nothing racistic about it.. It simply is about what I/we see as more familiar.

    And with that saying, I would never be so ignorant to say that we have no west Asian influences.. Of course we have, just like all of southern Europe (and yes, even southern France, especially the mediterranean part) does

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