Every state’s least favorite state

18 Jan

When I first saw this tweet I kinna lept over it, thinking: “What a dumb tweet”, and then less than a second later, in testament to the power of identity to pull anybody into its little hell, I said: “Wait a second?  Who doesn’t like New York?  Fuck you.”  Then thought: ah, good, only Massachusetts, long-term rivals that have always shared gut-distaste for each other anyway.

Cool that almost nobody hates California.  As much of a New Yorker as I am, Cali is still the Promised land.


P.S. Interesting that Jersey isn’t New York when it’s as New York as Long Island is: one of the the anthropological theses of The Sopranos It’d be fascinating to see some way that could measure how the inner suburbs of the city are now more New York than a sterile Manhattan has become.

But snort…   Boston…  Thinks who she is…

Comment: nikobakos@gmail.com

8 Responses to “Every state’s least favorite state”

  1. gregorystackpole January 18, 2020 at 8:21 pm #

    Go Boston or go home

    fight me

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