Religious Minorities of Turkey

20 Jan


Religious Minorities of Turkey: An Evaluation from the Perspective of Human Rights

Why can’t Christians open a legally recognized place of worship? Why are Alevi cemevis not recognized by the State? Why are historical churches and monasteries owned by the State rather than by religious communities? Why must a State regulation be issued before a handful of non-Muslims can elect administrators for their foundations? Why can’t these minorities choose foundation directors in any manner they wish? Why does the government interfere in patriarchal elections when these should be, at every step, an internal matter for the religious community? Why is Turkey’s legal framework for religious minorities confined to the Lausanne Agreement and a few Ottoman Era regulations? Why does hate speech targeting religious minorities go unpunished? Why have there never been any non-Muslim government officials? Why can’t religious minority groups commemorate their members who have been killed in massacres?

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