Conversion Tweet #3

26 Jan

The Levantine Byzantine@ByzBastard·Replying to @ByzBastard and @jaddeyekabir The Rum is still in use widely today. [My emphasis] For example, the full name of the Church Many of us belong to the “The Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch” for brevity everyone in the region calls us Rum, or Rum Orthodox / Rum Catholic to differentiate from Greek Catholics..

The Levantine Byzantine@ByzBastard·Replying to @ByzBastard and @jaddeyekabir Within the empire, the Chalcedonians would be known as Melkites -Completely different from today’s usage of the term, where since 1724 it only applies to Greek Catholic Uniates. Chalcedonian usage, Melkite means Imperial, so Christians who took the Empire’s ruling on the Council

The Levantine Byzantine@ByzBastard·Replying to @jaddeyekabirThe Arabs identified them as Rum – Romans. They would’ve self Identify as Rum or Rhomaios (for the Greek Speakers). The other thing to note is the Conquering Arabs Used the term Roman, Greek and Christian interchangeably…

The Levantine Byzantine@ByzBastard·Replying to @ByzBastard and @jaddeyekabirAlso here is a message from Metropolitan George Khodr of Mount Lebanon Here is a brief thread I made on the topic:Quote Tweet

The Levantine Byzantine@ByzBastard·Replying to @jaddeyekabirMost general history books on the region are brief on this if at all: one day the ME is Christian next it’s Muslim. Luckily a more recent book seeks to rectify the gaps: The Orthodox Church in the Arab World, 700-1700: An Anthology of Sources

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