Iran — The Return of the King?

26 Jan

This is too dang wacky to be possible. Θα μου πεις, stranger things have happened. And “King”, the way we understand it — as a semi-divine being — is essentially a product of Iranian civilization, passed from Iran into the Roman concept of “Emperor”. From the SundayTimes:

The end could be near for the regime in Tehran, says the peacock prince

The son of Iran’s deposed Shah says the nation’s current leadership may be falling apart as marchers demand his return Josh Glancy, Washington

January 26 2020, 12:01am, The Sunday Times

The late Shah of Iran with son Reza, now 59, and wife Farah
The late Shah of Iran with son Reza, now 59, and wife Farah GETTY

During the recent unrest in Iran, as furious protesters risked their lives to criticise the regime, one name kept ringing out: Pahlavi. The dynasty of the last shah, who was deposed in 1979, has not been forgotten.

“O Shah of Iran, return to Iran,” some marchers chanted. For Reza Pahlavi, the former crown prince of Iran and heir apparent to the Peacock Throne, this nostalgia is a sign that the Islamic regime that has controlled Iran since the dissolution of the monarchy may be falling apart.

“The cracking from within of the system is getting more and more obvious,” he told The Sunday Times last week.

“When you look at the circumstances in Iran today, put yourselves in the shoes of the worst-off — how long…


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