Alex Shams: “a quick look across cultures reveals how Western norms that emphasise dark colors for men and consider adornment feminine is not by any means universal, but a product of European fashion trends in the 1700s”

2 Feb

See me, in: Sifnos: a couple in the beautiful local dress, and on one of Greece’s most beautiful islands…

I’m always really jealous of South Asians, who still get to wear beautiful clothes in the 21st century, even if it’s only for special occasions, while the rest of us are all permanently trapped in the blacks and greys of nineteenth-century bourgeois guilt.

I mean check out my grandmother in her full dress kit. When will any woman I know ever get to wear something so lavish and glamorous? all velvet and gold thread, green silk and lace, and white felt with red and black embroidery? And in a poor Balkan village…

And: (See: Eid on Steinway Street, Astoria, 1433 (2012)“)

And for the rest of us, trapped in the aesthetics of nineteenth-century, false bourgeois humility and, now, its descendant, the fake hipness of charcoal and black, PLEASE keep wearing those clothes, and be enormously proud of them.


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