How does Italy do it?

6 Feb

From: Repubblica Roma@rep_roma and Roma, si sgretola il campanile barocco. Resta chiusa via Capo le Case

People might think this callous, but I have to admit that whenever I hear of some natural disaster in Italy, an earthquake usually, I hold my breath until I can find an assessment, not of how many casualties there were, but of what art or architecture was damaged. Because in a country where — forget the Romes and Venices even — but where the last dinky village somewhere will have at least a pretty, baroque chapel or something, something priceless must be at risk constantly. I don’t know how Italy does it — keep up maintenance of its cultural heritage while operating as a modern country.

Does anyone know a good book on the culture or politics of “curating” and Italian society?

S.Andrea facade and interior

See also: S.Andrea delle Fratte

Below, the collapse of the interior of San Francesco di Assisi in 1986.


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