Guardian: “We have to wake up: factory farms are breeding grounds for pandemics.”

21 Apr

Jonathan Safran Foer and Aaron S Gross: “Covid-19’s history is not yet fully known, but the links between animal and human health could not be clearer.”

Then work on clearing people’s minds of the heresies of vegetarianism and veganism, since they divert energy from a real goal: confronting and fighting back at the manufactured agriculture industry, and instead deflect it onto a narcissistic struggle for one’s own moral purity and sanctity.

Money quote:

“We are preoccupied with the production of face masks, but we appear unconcerned with the farms that are producing pandemics. The world is burning and we are reaching for more fire extinguishers while gasoline soaks through the tinder at our feet.”

And one more detail of my own: those that aren’t entirely vegetarian but will order and eat chicken on an almost daily basis (as long as it’s the breast with no skin), though, as per the article, chicken is the filthiest of domesticated meat-animals and the greatest conductor of dangerous animal to human viruses — but won’t eat veal because it’s cruel, or fatty cuts of pork or lamb or beef because they’re “grooooss“, or if the option is available, will go for the mercury-laced sushi and think they’re protecting their health that way are…..ererrrrrrrrrrrrr…delusional.


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