Turkey doesn’t suffer from Sèvresphobia — it suffers from Lausannitis

12 Aug

…and the second treaty is the cornerstone of the Turkish Republic’s arrogant, bullying, ugly winner personality, plus the reason for displacing millions of people.

(And because the solution to the bad divorce that is Greek-Turkish relations is honesty, I have to say that as a Turk, I would be proud of the War of Independence and Lausanne; when no one else in the region could, they kicked butt with the colonial powers and preserved a viable state for themselves, even at the cost to us, Greeks and Armenians and Assyrians. Most Westerners put Kurds on this list, but they don’t count because at the time they were acting as loyal Ottomans/Muslims who did most of the Christian-massacring in eastern Anatolia — and not only — but in Istanbul, right in the now chock-full-of-giddy-tourists Istiklâl.)

But read more if you’re clueless about the processes in the Washington Post:A century-old treaty haunts the Mediterranean It’s an excellent article with several links to other cool articles.


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