“Islamophobia”: blah blah… Yasmine Mohammed

26 Nov

Yasmine Mohammed ياسمين محمد @YasMohammedxx:

There’s no such thing as Islamophobia. Critique of religion is a fundamental Western right, not an illness.” ~ Pascal Bruckner, Philosopher

John Szucs @szucs_john Replying to @YasMohammedxx:

To one & all: “Islamophobia” is a misleading, even nonsensical term, as fear of any religion of thralldom to a creator being that sanctions & encourages the enslavement & slaughter of non-believers is entirely rational. The next time someone uses it against you, call them on it.

Yasmine Mohammed ياسمين محمد @YasMohammedxx:

There also no religion called Islamism. The religion is Islam. Islam is inherently political. It’s a distinction without a difference. But, to paraphrase @CemalKYucel — if hiding behind three letters is what you need to have the courage to have this conversation, then so be it.

Islamists — the individuals or Islamist organizations — those, of course, exist. Not all Muslims are Islamists, but all Islamists are Muslim. And all Muslims — Islamist or not — follow Islam.

Yasmine Mohammed

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