Missing snowstorms in New York, which are a lot of fun

18 Dec
Getty Images

The best thing is to take the train — if it’s running — downtown and find a nice bar or restaurant with big windows, like Bar Pitti on 6th or the Blue Ribbon Bar on Downing Street or the bar at the Mandarin Oriental and watch it all from inside with a glass of good champagne.

What sucks are the weeks of black ice and the ungaugeable depth of massive slush ponds.

As you can see, my brain doesn’t have an image archive of locked down New York yet.

Also, check out NYTimes article: This Is Not the Way New Yorkers Normally Greet a Major Snowstorm

George Etheridge for The New York Times

Βρε κορίτσια, θα κρυώσετε!!!

At The Smith restaurant — dunno which of several locations


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