CENGIZ AKTAR: Don’t think Turkey is going back to normal any time soon; its civil society institutions (for what they were, let’s not exaggerate) are just too damaged.

29 Dec

Even if Erdie loses next elections…

Sometimes you come across a piece that sums things up so well that you’re embarrassed at everything else you’ve read, tweeted, retweeted and posted in the recent past because they now all seem superfluous and redundant. This Cengiz Aktar article in AhvalNews is exactly that: Taking account of the damages to Turkey.

Money quote:

“A strong state tradition manifests as the guarantee of the country, which is the guarantee of property. The main pillars of the state’s guarantee are courts of law, military, foreign affairs, academia, treasury, and civil services. Today, we are living through a rapid discrediting of these institutions, as their institutional memories are emptied. These institutions are being abolished by the government, instead of being transformed and democratised in line with tendencies of the world.”

Read it.


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