Vanishing Yiddishisms

24 Mar

It’s a little unsettling that the New York where gentiles freely used Yiddish words and terms is fast disappearing. I used the word “kvetch” yesterday with an early-thirties, Greek-American from Brooklyn, and he didn’t know what I was talking about.

Than again, we still have Sarah Palin using “chutzpah”, but pronouncing the “ch” like “church”.

(On a related note, you guys know that “nebbish” is not correct Yiddish pronunciation, but goyim couldn’t say the “ch” sound of Yiddish and Hebrew in what is properly called a “nebbech”?)

Oliver Jackson Cohen

15 Mar

I think OJC should be a choice for best supporting actor, and he should win, if only as revenge for the ten seconds of screen time Gyllenhaal gave him.

See older post:

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s “The Lost Child”

Gyllenhaal’s film is minorly brilliant, and unheimlich in the deep sense. But she only dedicated about 20 seconds of screen time to Oliver Jackson Cohen. What tf is that about? Why did she even bother with him? I think it’s prosecutable. Entrapment. Encouraging false expectations or something like that…

Olivia Coleman, of course, was incredible — as always. Along with a brilliant performance, she also projects a certain kind of archetypal Englishwoman, not always in a flattering manner.


Great to see this!

3 Mar


26 Feb

The producers of Greek reality series Survivor just flew in the the weekly winners’ food rations. All of it is Lenten food. This would’ve been inconceivable just a couple of decades ago.

Oum Kulthum: 47 years without the Queen

3 Feb

And here’s a performance of “Al Atlal” (The Ruins) in its entirety and with English subtitles. Also my favorite song of hers. Must watch. It’s gorgeous.

Link to Danny’s Twitter: @DanielGHajjar


New Header Image: Monica Vitti (1931 — 2022)

2 Feb

Dome of the Rock – قبة الصخرة – interior – Jerusalem/Al Quds

28 Jan

Snow in Istanbul, boy, cat

24 Jan

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While we’re on Serbs and tennis…

19 Jan

You all agree with me that it was a real bummer that Janko Tipsarević left the game, right? Anyone know why exactly?


Martin Luther King on the myths of capitalism

17 Jan
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