Photo: hamam, Red Fort, Delhi

7 Apr

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Any photo of the Red Fort leaves you, of course, enraged at how little of the gigantic — must have been gorgeous — complex is left…insane, vengeful destruction by the terrified Brits after 1857 revolution.  See, of course William Dalrymple‘s  The Last Mughal and the many parts of which he generously let me reproduce in this blog when I first kicked it off.  Warning: it’s infuriating.


Boycott Turkish tourism?

3 Apr


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Nicholas Bakos Retweeted Carolyn Pierce:

Dude, you would probably have to stop watching any professional and semi-professional sports anymore anywhere in the world if you were really decided on boycotting Türk Hava sponsorship of almost EVERYTHING these days. They’ve got themselves a kick-ass p.r. firm.

Nicholas Bakos added,

Been sticking to my guns with that one. Even as the Greek crisis has made direct flights between Athens and the West more difficult and rarer, I’ll fly east first, to Dubai or Moscow, from Athens, and then on to New York from there, instead of using TA or going through Istanbul..

It’s a huge pain-in-the-ass, and no one hates flying like I do, but so goes it.

News from

31 Mar

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Not yet a u-turn of the 20th century’s entrenched practice of American-Turkish ass-kissing, but we can dream, can’t we?

And I can’t help it, but Go France! the only Western country that has flexed some post-Cold military muscle without destroying the the land it had come to save.


The Guardian’s Greek Poverty Tour

31 Mar

Snort.  Stupid.  One of Greeks’ saving graces though is not taking themselves too seriously (though they might ride the line a little too closely sometimes).  Check out the article.  Well dumb.

GreeceTourists standing in front of the ancient Parthenon temple in Greece [File: Thanassis Stavrakis/The Associated Press] 

‘Course the dumbest thing to do is to get all stupid and national-identity-hysterical about the issue.  Don’t give them attention they don’t deserve.


Happy New Year to EVERY-one

19 Mar



Aleksandr Solzhenytsin

16 Mar

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What happened to Catalonia?

16 Mar
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