The yeshiva-bochers of Waterbury

20 May

I gotta say: I wish I had had this:

Photo: Delos

25 Apr

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 6.41.23 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-04-25 at 6.41.35 PM

An “empathogen” — that’s what ecstasy is

14 Apr

And that’s what so many people I know need [don’t blame me for promoting any substance] — an “empathogen” — that’s what ecstasy is.

From VICE:

What about ecstasy and MDMA? It’s an empathogen and makes you want to hug everyone. So maybe your heightened arousal the next day is a knock-on of feeling generally closer to someone?
It’s an interesting idea, and I wonder if there’s some bonding story there. Molly makes you want to touch people and be near them—so maybe you feel like that on the descending limb [when you’re coming down from alcohol/drugs]. You’re not repelled by people, and you want to be around them. It doesn’t sound like a ridiculous concept.

Photo: Gary Winograd’s New York

14 Apr

These are knock-outs:

1 06-winogrand1-superJumboIt’s a moment for sure, when you actually materially remember the feel of a culture that’s now a piece of photoanthropology.  A little weird, but really fun too.  And the women…

8 06-winogrand11-superJumbo7 06-winogrand7-superJumbo7 06-winogrand13-superJumbo9 06-winogrand12-superJumbo8 06-winogrand14-superJumbo7 06-winogrand10-superJumbo3 06-winogrand3-superJumbo4 06-winogrand4-superJumbo6 06-winogrand6-superJumbo5 06-winogrand5-superJumbo2 06-winogrand2-superJumbo9 06-winogrand15-superJumbo9 06-winogrand16-superJumboRead and see the whole piece in the Times.

Leaving Facebook: next time consult with me.

10 Apr

I don’t have the energy, after three days of Easter revelry, to get into this in depth, but as an aside first, if there’s any case that the journalism of the Village Voice ‘s depth and quality and beauty are still going strong, and that reports of of its demise have been greatly exaggerated, it’s this article on Facebook and Zuckerberg.

Facebook_BrianStaufferBrian Stauffer

Regrets at having exposed so much on Facebook? It look you this long?  “The noble house’s drapes are drawn” wrote Nietzsche.  And this chick, all of these people, are surprised, that while they were asleep someone (namely them, just sleepwalking) created a gigantic pic/bleep (think about why we don’t call it an image or poem or piece of prose) that exposed our entire lives to everyone….leaving us with no control.

It took you this long?  Well, you know the nightmare you have where you’ve gotten on the 7 train and have no pants or underwear on, and your ex-girl’s holding them but won’t give them to you, and you start to get visibly angry so the whole car gangs up on you for being abusive to her — that’ll come true too soon if you’re not careful.



10 Apr

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 8.48.34 PM


Madhuri Dixit: earthly Woman, female Deity

8 Apr

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