Slate: “Why It’s So Hard for Men to Look at Joe Biden Kissing His Son” — It’s hard ’cause White people are weird

27 Oct

It’s only White folks that are uncomfortable with a father kissing his son.

The article, by Aymann Ismail.

Joe Biden and Hunter in 2009. Bill Clark/Roll Call/Getty Images

Chora, niqabbed…

27 Oct

Church of Chora exonarthex before, above and after, below. (Click on both for larger.)

Photo: Metsovo, 1950, from Takis Tloupas

27 Oct

Fahrettin Altun: only AKP politician I’ve seen that doesn’t look like he buys his suits in a bargain basement in Laleli

26 Oct

Head of media and communications for the Turkish presidency.

October 26th, feast of Saint Demetrios

26 Oct
Dexileos, son of Lysanias of Thorikos (Ca. 390 BC) in Athens’ Cerameikos museum.

Byz on Puritanism

20 Oct

Byzantine Ambassador@byzantinepowerPuritanism is an allergy to life; an immature reaction to fallenness & a close relation to gnosticism.

Word Press clicking for larger photos has returned

20 Oct

It’s now possible — again — to click on most photos used in WP posts to see larger and/or original size. I don’t know why for more than the past year they had suspended that option.

Durga Puja

20 Oct

LiveHistoryIndia@LiveHIndia· Circa 1809 watercolour painting depicting #DurgaPuja by artist Sevak Ram who belonged to the Patna School of Painting. Also called Patna Kalam, this was the world’s first independent school of painting which dealt exclusively with the commoner and his lifestyle.


“I am a Muslim…I stand with France…”

19 Oct

France: the sanctity of the teacher’s métier…

18 Oct

…that has emerged in public discourse in the aftermath of the murder of Samuel Paty is maybe all you need to know about France.

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