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Iason Athanasiadis on Christmas in Greece, my comments and Kotsovolos’ Black Friday

26 Nov

Iason, on Facebook page:

Χθες στις 12:28 μ.μ.  · Imagine a nightmarish future in which life has devolved into being locked up as part of happily-clappily participating in a ghastly consumerist pantomime whose script was written by the intern of the local multinational’s press office. Oh, it appears to be life in Greece today. 😊

I couldn’t agree with Iasona more, as I’ve watched Christmas balloon into something ugly and tacky in Greece over the past few years.

The most horrible εξέλιξη though, is the adoption of Black Friday, that obscene American consumption orgy that has seen people trampled and killed at Targets throughout the states. And it’s new here, so people still haven’t started on the moral meta-talk about the practice, as opposed to the States, where at least there has been a little bit of soul-searching about what Black Friday says about America in the past decade or so.

Though this commercial from Kotsovolos appliance stores promoting Black Friday in a Greek mountain village — complete with clarinet acompaniment — does make me reluctantly laugh…especially the giagia at 0:33 shouting “Don’t skip” τελάλη with bell.


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