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England and Irish blood p.s., Palestine 1948

16 Sep

Geez…  I forgot the other major twentieth-century British mess we’re still living the brutal consequences of: Palestine in 1948.

British mandate2

We ALL know —  many of you detest me for it — that I’m the last person to come to if you want sympathy for Arab/Muslim dysfunction and inability to face modernity being blamed on “colonialism” and taken out on the rest of humanity.  But the Brits’ track record is so awful, as I say inIs England ready for fresh Irish blood on its hands?“, and this might, in certain ways, have been the worst of all.

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10 Sep

This is what he does.  “Oh, it’s a nice day today.  I think I’ll play.”  And then takes a brute like Ferrer in a good match, but hardly an epic battle: 2-6 (yesterday’s set), 6-1, 6-4, 6-2 — and goes to the final tomorrow against Murray.

I gotta say one thing about my man Nole though, as petulant as he can be.  He’s the most gracious winner-or-loser, no matter what.  There’s always a sincere smile, an acknowledgement full of respect, and a warmth to his response to any match — the mark of a true athelete.  What he said about Ferrer today, before or after with the commentators, was such a (rightful) praise of Ferrer as a player that it left a lump in my throat.

Tomorrow is Murray, man.  I’ve made a solemn tama that I’ll have to fulfill if Djok wins.  Let’s see.

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