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Balkan Trilogy

5 Jul

Olympic year or not, London has always had it all over us in terms of theater — in variety, quality, daring and in its still central role in the city’s life:

“Perhaps the most logistically ambitious part of the festival was Globe to Globe, in which leaders of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater spent nearly two years lining up 37 international theater companies to mount one of the plays in their native languages at the Globe over six weeks this spring. The shows included a new “Balkan trilogy” with theaters from Serbia, Albania and Macedonia each performing one of the three parts of “Henry VI” — not coincidentally a play about civil war — as well as productions of “The Comedy of Errors” from the Afghan troupe Roy-e-Sabs and “The Merchant of Venice” from the Habima theater company of Israel (which drew protesters waving Palestinian flags).”

Give the guys a break, dudes, they’re doing “The Merchant of Venice.”

And Afghans doing “The Comedy of Errors” is too perfect.

London, 1666 (click)


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