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Meral Aksener: Who? And guys…forgive my snark on anything Turkey-related these days…

26 Oct

Knowing nothing, when I first saw headline I was eager to see if new leader of new party had a mustache — prophecy being that Turkey will be saved when it next has a leader without a mustache.  Turns out he’s a she.  Does anybody have any more info on her than what the pretty laconic Al Jazeera article provides?  Is she an attempt to resurrect the CHP?

MeralMeral Aksener, a prominent right-wing political figure and a former interior minister, announced the founding of her Good Party in a gathering in Ankara [Reuters]

“Turkey will be good”?  whooooohhh…  That’s some pretty heavy language.  And embarrassing in its naivité and probable counter-productiveness.

And guys…forgive my snark on anything Turkey-related these days…it’s the only reaction I can summon.

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