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Ayesha Siddiqi: how woke, “inclusion”, grievance narratives eventually come full-circle to exclusion and the breakdown of any kind of empathy or conversation.

14 Sep

“I don’t think I can ever really be that close to people who didn’t experience the aughts the same way I did. muslims who did, im automatically close to you.”

We clear about that? Unless somebody on the street in Bradford once called you a “Paki” after 7/7, you can’t be Ayesha’s pal. “It’s a Black thang,” as Spike Lee used to say, “you wouldn’t understand.”

See more: Ayesha A. Siddiqi@AyeshaASiddiqi Or at ayesha@thenewinquiry.com

But after glibly incendiary crap like her quote at top, she writes that she doesn’t “want to talk politics”, ok? She just wants to know what your favorite song is… Aaaawwwww…. :(

And see more me: Editing Ayesha A. Siddiqi — I thought she was just a millenial whiner from Dearborn; turns out she’s kind of a big deal, which is even more disappointing.

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