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“Turcos” mostly Arab Levantine Christians in LA. Earlier, ran into these guys waiting for another wedding to start…

11 Dec

The groom’s buddies (this is another wedding I just stumbled on not the one I just attended tonight) outside church of San Pedro Claver in old city Cartagena. “Turcos” meaning Levantine Arab in South America, Maronites, the bride’s Colombian Catholic so it’s an easy step from one to the other,

Asked them where Rum “Turcos” go to church in Cartagena, they said they didn’t know, but that there IS an Arab-language Orthodox church in Barranaquilla. Would love to know more about these communities! Does anyone know a good monograph? Arabs in Latin America? Christian Arabs in LA?

Got some friendly Twitter responses below:


There are some interesting chapters in this book https://google.co.uk/books/edition/Arab_and_Jewish_Immigrants_in_Latin_Amer/peRSAQAAQBAJ?hl=en

If my memory serves me right, there are some theses on the ‘Turcos’ of Latin America


Arab and Jewish Immigrants in Latin America

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