The Dictator

28 Apr



Sacha Baron Cohen continues to make an insulting and deeply unfunny jerk of himself.  As some of the recent posts about Greece would indicate, satire consists of identifying the absurd or even grotesque in a given phenomenon and presenting it in unexpected ways that heighten its absurdity, not just in reproducing that absurdity or — in Cohen’s scatalogical, borderline sociopath case — reproducing the grotesqueness.  And the grotesqueness of a truly tragic phenomenon on top of it, that cost tens of thousands their lives.

Ass…  Really, does anybody still think this guy is funny?

I bet you he’s genuinely, clinically diagnosable…like some kind of narcissistic disorder: grandiose exhibitionism, the pose of offensive public thick-skinnedness, the need to shame and humiliate others…

And what’s with the bhangra beat?


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