Peace, Justice Elude Rape Victims Of Bosnian War

30 Apr

Bosnian Muslim women hold posters with the names of the missing during a protest at the U.N. office in Sarajevo in 2008. Hundreds of wartime rape victims were protesting the decision of the U.N. war crimes tribunal to reject the prosecution’s request for rape charges to be added against two Bosnian Serbs who were on trial for other war crimes.

A story from NPR, one of the U.S.’s saving journalistic institutions.  Read and listen to whole story here:

And another NPR story from back in early April:

Two Decades After Siege, Sarajevo Still A City Divided

“Even education is strictly segregated. Children from different ethnic groups — often in the same building — follow totally separate curricula.

Ahmet Alibasic, a professor at the University of Sarajevo’s Faculty of Islamic Studies, says the result is that today, most Muslim, Croat and Serb children are totally ignorant about each other.

“I must admit I am a bit worried, because many of the causes of the conflict are still there,” Alibasic says. “Given the wrong combinations of conditions and circumstances, they might produce another conflict.”

Hopes of restoring Bosnia’s prewar multi-ethnic tapestry have proved elusive. Many Bosnians hope that commemorating the 20th anniversary of the start of the war will revive international attention and stimulate efforts to build a more inclusive society.”

Also, SEE Angelina Jolie’s Land of Blood and Honey.  I know; I had my doubts too, but it’s excellent.



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