Photo: Istanbul

2 Sep

I don’t know if this photo is Tarlabasi or some other vandalized Istanbul neighborhoood.  (See: Tarlabasi ITarlabasi II and Tarlabasi III).  I don’t know — if it is Tarlabasi — whether it’s Tarlabasi now or in some then-time.  I just know it’s a priceless photograph.  (click)

From my buddy Aykut:

“Yes indeed,it is sadly Tarlabaşı. Between 1984 and 1987, the Mayor of Istanbul Bedrettin Dalan ( Nero of Istanbul ) went through some major demolishment in the neighbourhoods as part of a wide ranging program. More than 350 18th century neo classical stone buildings were demolished with bulldozers. He was such a waste of sperm he also did demolish numbers of historical buildings including last civil architectural sample of Byzantion those were barely remained “in situ” for ages along Golden Horn. Now,he is a fugitive for 5 years seeking shelter to protect himself from imprisonment due to his proven support to junta for their coup d’etat attempt in 2003,4. Btw see who will demolish next what is left from Tarlabaşı after Bedrettin Dalan storm in 80s.”



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