“Such a beautiful sense of his own body…”

5 Sep

…says former tennis champ and commentator Jim Courier today, in an unusually aesthete-minded observation of Nole’s physicality during his match with Swiss Stanislas Wawarinka, as he continues to breeze through the U.S. Open and advances to the quarterfinals.  I’m now ashamed I ever doubted him.

Roger got closed out of quarterfinals by Berdych, which kinda sucks because I wanted the world to see Nole beat Federer.  So no clue who it’ll be in the end.

The Los Angeles Times‘ Adam Weinberger has four reasons why Djokovic will successfully defend his Open title: “4 Reasons Why Djokovic Will Repeat as Champ,” though the condensing of the Open’s schedule into daily matches with no days off in between, due to the rain delays of typical New York summer swamp weather, has me a little worried about the physical toll it’ll take on the athletes.  Nole goes up against Juan Martin del Potro tomorrow and hopefully will get some satisyfing compensation for the humiliating loss of the Bronze to del Potro in London.  All in all looks good.

Meanwhile, fellow Serb Janko Tipsarevic, who I never knew was was as highly ranked as no. 8 seed, isn’t doing so badly himself, also advancing today to the quarterfinals.  Though he goes up against Ferrer tomorrow, which is kind of scary.

Janko Tipsarevic

And an undated photo of the two paesani, below, that I love:

On another Balkan tennis front, Andy Murray turns around initial losses (“Andy Murray Asserts Himself After Poor Start“) and defeats Croat Marin Cilic (below).  Oh, well.  Them’s the breaks…

And then there was a hard-core, great match between Maria Sharapova and Marion Bartoli,  from which the Russian powerhouse emerged victorious, but not without being given a serious run for her money.


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