Golden Dawn splinter group crawls out of sewer in Greece

8 Nov

“According to ancient Greek folklore, Crypteia was a group of men in Sparta who acted as a band of secret police, terrorising lower classes and slaves, then known as the helots. The gang’s modern reincarnation marks the emergence of the first band of far-right extremists in Greece after decades of far-left terror activity.”

Exaggerated comparison.  “…far-left terror activity” in Greece never targeted innocent civilians, immigrant or non.

These are the chaps who have claimed responsibility for recent attack on Afghan child’s home: From Ekathimerini: Home of Afghan pupil attacked with stones — kathikia?”           .

Read whole article in London Times.

Crypyeiamethode_times_prod_web_bin_481deef2-c3b1-11e7-92dc-06edfbca4aabIntelligence experts contacted by The Times suspect Crypteia could be a violent offshoot of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, aboveGiorgos Georgiou/NurPhoto/Getty


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