Leaving Facebook: next time consult with me.

10 Apr

I don’t have the energy, after three days of Easter revelry, to get into this in depth, but as an aside first, if there’s any case that the journalism of the Village Voice ‘s depth and quality and beauty are still going strong, and that reports of of its demise have been greatly exaggerated, it’s this article on Facebook and Zuckerberg.

Facebook_BrianStaufferBrian Stauffer

Regrets at having exposed so much on Facebook? It look you this long?  “The noble house’s drapes are drawn” wrote Nietzsche.  And this chick, all of these people, are surprised, that while they were asleep someone (namely them, just sleepwalking) created a gigantic pic/bleep (think about why we don’t call it an image or poem or piece of prose) that exposed our entire lives to everyone….leaving us with no control.

It took you this long?  Well, you know the nightmare you have where you’ve gotten on the 7 train and have no pants or underwear on, and your ex-girl’s holding them but won’t give them to you, and you start to get visibly angry so the whole car gangs up on you for being abusive to her — that’ll come true too soon if you’re not careful.

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