Photo: Gary Winograd’s New York

14 Apr

These are knock-outs:

1 06-winogrand1-superJumboIt’s a moment for sure, when you actually materially remember the feel of a culture that’s now a piece of photoanthropology.  A little weird, but really fun too.  And the women…

8 06-winogrand11-superJumbo7 06-winogrand7-superJumbo7 06-winogrand13-superJumbo9 06-winogrand12-superJumbo8 06-winogrand14-superJumbo7 06-winogrand10-superJumbo3 06-winogrand3-superJumbo4 06-winogrand4-superJumbo6 06-winogrand6-superJumbo5 06-winogrand5-superJumbo2 06-winogrand2-superJumbo9 06-winogrand15-superJumbo9 06-winogrand16-superJumboRead and see the whole piece in the Times.

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