Jadde endorses Marianne Williamson: in her most concise and smooth speech yet…

29 Sep

…and this from a woman already exceptionally smart and articulate.  As I said in my Tweets after Pelosi dropped the bomb this week, it’s rare that I feel American at all, much less proud to be so.  But Williamson is smart and brave.  She’s easy to mock as a New Age flake-head while she’s actually a highly knowledgeable Jungian, and she has a tight grip on how American government works, on the economic history of the United States and its broader history in general; she gave a talk on the Triangle Factory Fire, Frances Perkins, Roosevelt, the New Deal and how twentieth-century American prosperity, creativity, strength, and relative social justice were all born out of those individuals and phenomena that moved me to tears.  And she has the courage to say that love and morality should be society’s guiding principles.  She’s not going to win, at least not this time, but only in America would someone like her even be given the chance.

And, aquí entre nos, maybe I’m not so proud that she’s American, but really that she’s Jewish.  Like so many of the Triangle girls were, and so many of the brave young women were who had protested in vain on behalf of workers like them in the years leading up to the 1911 tragedy.  But progress and perhaps history demand their sacrifices I guess.

Volume Four of Ric Burns’ monumental New York: A Documentary Film is probably the most stirring visual treatment of all of the above.  Get your hands on it if you get a chance.  Amazon’s got it on Prime.

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