Alison Miner, a reader, writes: the cosmopolitan and snark, and Maryanne Williamson

30 Sep

On:  Time Out’s cities: Astoria! and…Kypsele? No Pera propaganda, brother Turks of mine :( — and Belgrade…

“My definition of a cosmopolitan is someone who can tease anyone in a culturally specific way. This post embodies it and I love it! Continue to bring the subtle analysis and snark, please. I’m so happy for it.

I’m sorta annoyed that Moda has blown up – there goes my daydream of finding my family’s old houses and running away to try to replicate my Philly neighborhood in istanbul. :/

Also Maryanne is incredible. Perhaps you’ll appreciate the interview of her by the Chapo trap house dudes, who are completely disarmed of their usual skewering sarcasm by her unceasing earnestness.
Always glad to get yr emails – thanks!
I’m not Jewish, but Shana Tova to you as well! Does this mean I haveta make amends, tho? Might be dealbreaker. ;)
We don’t know each other! :) I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I assume someone reposted it on on of the ottoman history / levantine pages on Facebook that I frequent.  I believe I’ve sent you fangirl emails before.
I am a boring super white American, but my dad grew up in istanbul, and raised me with a deep nostalgia for it. His mother’s family were mostly Italian, Chiot and Stambouli. It’s a good thing my ggggrandpa somehow seduced a Greek girl, or we’d be even more inbred. ;)
You’re like, a grad student or something?
PS: I tried to look up those excellent womens’ costumes, but my “Worldwide History of Dress” book really let me down. Where did the photos come from?

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