P.S. Dixie Chicks and the Border

30 Sep

What I find most moving about this song/video is that the lyrics are about the end of a certain kind of white, southern, rural culture — “an’ it ain’t comin’ back again” — and yet, instead of being sad, or angry, or begrudging — or spreading hatred like POTUS — the video chooses to show us the beauty of the Mexican North instead.

And let’s not forget these three really talented women essentially gave up a booming career to testify to the truth during the Bush II administration and the Iraq War.  They did the right thing — what’s more American than that?

For the beautiful culture of the Border…

25 Sep

…its wealth, its imagery, its Passion, its fecundity, its risks, its losses, its heart…  And a cry against Trump the Neanderthal, who’s made it a “φωνή βοώντος εν τη ερήμω“…where “In Ramah was there a voice heard, lamentation and weeping and great mourning…”

comment: nikobakos@gmail.com

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