The one about the Bosnian woman and pita…

2 Dec

Marko Attila Hoare @markoah: “There’s that joke about the Bosnian woman whose sweetheart is coming round, but she doesn’t know how to make pita for him to eat, so she gets her mother to make it for her. After he has eaten, the young man says, ‘This is very good pita, but your mother is already married’.”

Maybe a several-intervening-references reference, but you might want to look at my: Sarajevo gastra and börek…or Börek I and Börek II — or Burek and the end of Yugoslavia.

At one point in the above posts I comment on how Montenegro is the only place where the Greek word pita is used for burek. But it turns out that pita is used in Bosnia too and that in Belgrade shops serve both something called burek and something called pita and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference.

Can anyone solve this burning taxonomic issue for us?

P.S. I’m assuming Croatians call it all strudel.


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