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The dolma scene from Duvara Karşı…

21 Oct

…released as Head-On in English and Gegen Die Wand in German (“Against the Wall”, which is the direct from-Turkish translation), makes me cry every time I see it.

Why, with all the super, violent emotion that German-Turk Fatih Akin‘s brilliant film packs, is it this one that moves me?

Partly because it’s a time-out from the film’s relentless intensity and melancholy — though the sound-track of this particular scene only underlines a very Turkish sense of melancholy.

Partly because it’s so familiar: how many times did I watch my mother — and now myself — doing exactly what Sibel Kekilli is doing?

Partly it’s because food is and always has been something that Turks and Greeks are able to bond around, and I’m desperately looking for ways to feel positive about Turkey and Turks right now.

But mostly it’s the depiction of the nirvana-like state that shopping and cooking for someone you love puts you in.  By the time the rakı gets cloudy in their glasses I’m usually bawling.

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Don’t throw away your post-Sukkos etrog

21 Oct

“An etrog after Sukkos” is an old Yiddish metaphor meaning something or someone useless.

Don’t throw away yours.  Greeks make jam or preserves out of the peel.  Find a recipe on-line.  It’s really delicious with a sharper sheep’s milk cheese like graviera or manchego.

A welcoming sign of the expanding culinary borders of Neo-Greeks are the fruit preserves promoted at cheese counters of upscale supermarkets with suggested fruit-cheese pairings.  Perhaps one of the more annoying ticks of Greek gastronomic provincialism, the nausea-inducing response to sweet-savory combos — watch someone enragingly picking the currants out of your carefully prepared dolma — is passing away.


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